Working StressTM App helps clinical staff understand the unique nature of stress in clinical practice and offers strategies for individuals to develop a self-management approach that works best for them.

It is the vital first step on a journey to improved wellbeing for the individual and their organisation. Working StressTM is user-friendly and cost-effective eLearning. It works on any device and takes just 15-30 minutes to complete. You only need to use it once. It helps develop lifelong skills that offer protection from stress and burnout

A 2017 randomised controlled trial with 227 NHS doctors demonstrates that the interventions contained within Working StressTM are effective. When measured after 2 weeks it had reduced:

severe anxiety reduced by 33%
high burnout reduced by 9.5%
severe insomnia reduced by 60%
hazardous drinking reduced by 50%

Working StressTM is not mindfulness or meditation

It is educational, developed by psychologists based on recognised academic research. It helps staff understand stress and cope with it more effectively.

What is it?

Working StressTM is an HTML5 web application that works on any device through a web browser. It contains 3 interactive learning modules:

  1. Stress & Burnout
  2. Managing Distress
  3. Dealing with Patients’ Death

Working StressTM offers information about stress, burnout and grief exploring their psychological and physical effects. It then presents a range of evidence-based coping strategies that users can apply immediately and develop over time. Quizzes consolidate learning and users can capture their reflections within the app.

Individuals and organisations

The benefits for individuals are clear but Working StressTM App also delivers significant benefits to employers. If offered to all staff it can improve patient safety, sickness absence, staff turnover and organisational culture.

In the 2017 Randomised Controlled Trial with 227 NHS doctors Working StressTM not only reduced levels of anxiety, insomnia and burnout it also improved users’ perceptions of their employer and their working conditions.

For an individual:

If you are an individual and wish to use Working Stress App you can buy a single user licence. Please contact us for prices and details.

For an employer:

When offered to all clinical staff, Working StressTM may reduce the incidence of workplace stress across the whole organisation. It is a cost-effective way to reduce workplace stress and its consequences. It will enhance any existing programmes around CQUIN 1a: NHS Staff Health & Wellbeing. It is especially valuable for mandatory inductions so that staff are equipped to deal with stress effectively in their new role. See FAQ for prices and information about implementation or contact us to discuss Working Stress.