Clinical practice is stressful, and the negative effects can be harmful and expensive. Working StressTM Game is an educational group intervention that enables clinical staff to manage stress more effectively. Developed by psychologists specifically for NHS staff, Working StressTM Game helps staff understand workplace stress and learn how to cope with it more effectively. It allows players to discuss the impact of stress and burnout and explore different techniques to help them manage stress.

A 2017 randomised controlled trial with 227 NHS doctors demonstrates that the interventions contained within Working StressTM Game are effective. When measured after 2 weeks it had reduced:

severe anxiety reduced by 33%
high burnout reduced by 9.5%
severe insomnia reduced by 60%
hazardous drinking reduced by 50%

Working StressTM Game helps clinical staff understand the unique nature of stress in clinical practice and offers strategies enabling individuals to develop a self-management approach that works best for them. It is the vital first step on a journey to improved wellbeing for the individual and their organisation.

Takes 30-60 minutes to play, with 4-12 players and no facilitator

The game works best with 4-12 players divided into 2 teams. Games usually last between 30-60 minute and do not require a facilitator with an expert knowledge of workplace stress because players manage the game. Games can be run as informal activities in the workplace, or as part of more structured training and workshops.

The game encourages players to discuss and answer a series of questions, allowing them to acquire new knowledge, explore new ideas and learn from each other. These discussions are what make the game effective and help players to learn and develop the confidence to try something new. The game includes a number of ‘bonus’ cards that are either activities for the players or that pass on useful information.